Where do the private photo sessions take place?

We can shoot where you will feel most comfortable, at your home, at my studio or at a posh hotel of your choice. 


Would you shoot romantic photos of me and my fiancé/husband together?

Yes, call me to talk through the specifics.


Do you provide hair and makeup?

Yes, you can add hair & make-up for $150 (includes lashes) to any of our packages and I have the most AMAZING hand picked team ever! I work with Beautymark Agency, you can contact Ana Bazan at 512-589-2501 if you ever need the BEST team for your special event.


Who retains the rights to the photos? 

Tiffany Tagle Photography owns all the rights to all the photos. Having said that, I have and will always completely respect the decision of my clients to publish or not publish their photos. The women on my website, Facebook, blog, etc have all given me permission to use their images.


How does the private photo session work?

The day of your private session, we will start with you getting your hair and make-up done by our awesome style team (if you choose that option) then we will go through your wardrobe to help you decide your favorites and when you are ready we’ll take our time and get you working the camera in no time. :) When we are finished with our session, you will be able have your gallery viewing party (peep-show) and you will also have a chance to look through our products to help give you an idea of what you'd loved to take home.


Can I bring someone? 

Sure, however once we start its usually best if they wait somewhere else to not distract you and the photographer


What sort of wardrobe options would you recommend?

Wear what fits your personality! If you go splurge on lingerie you would normally not wear and aren't comfortable in, it will show in the photos, trust me! Your outfits can be fuzzy pajamas, a cute bra/panty set, a bodysuit, corset w/ garters, fishnet stockings, a babydoll teddy, boyshorts, tanktops, you honey's shirt or just a tie! :) I always say bring it all and I can help you decide if you can't :)


What should I bring to wear?

Again, bring what fits your personality…lingerie, bra and panty sets, corsets, robes, tank-tops, boyshorts, fuzzy pajamas, your honey’s shirt…just think outside the box, you can make anything look sexy. Bring it all if you are unsure. Don’t forget the accessories, jewelry, high heels!!! High heels are a must!!! ;)


How do I prepare for the session?

Wear loose fitting clothing and undergarments when you arrive so that you don’t have red lines or marks on your skin. Drink a lot of water the day before. If you are getting dolled up with our hair and make-up team, moisturize your face the morning of and shape your eyebrows for a cleaner refreshed look. Wash your hair day before and keep it loose. If you usually apply mousse or product in your hair, that is ok too. 


When do I pay for the deposit, session fee and/or the products?

The $500 deposit is required to book the date we decide on, the remaining balance of the session fee is due on or before the day of your photo shoot. The payment for the products are due before they are ordered. The deposit is non-refundable if the session is cancelled but can be applied to a rescheduled session within 30 days.


How do I book a session?

contact us (click here) and we will get you started!


Do you provide wardrobe or props?

No, I think every woman has their own sexy style and likes to show that side of them. They also get so excited to show me what they bought for the session, I would never come between a girl and her lingerie shopping spree! :) Props work the same way...they are specific to each girl and their honey. I tell my clients to bring something that is significant to their relationship and him. So they may bring his work shirt, a football, his favorite jersey, his cowboy hat, his tie, the stuffed animal he gave her on their first date, etc)


Will you "photoshop" my little flaws?

Yes, I specialize in little (and big) flaws. My consultations include going through my retouched before and after photos, if you are interested in checking them out :)


Do you have books or samples that I can view for inspiration or ideas for poses?

Yes, come by and see them.


I’ve always wanted to do this but I am shy and am not a model.

This is not about having the perfect body; the Boudoir experience is about feeling beautiful and photographing your body at your comfort level. My passion is working with everyday women and bringing out the bombshell in her (you!) Every photo I display is of a woman who walked in just as shy as you feel now. :)


I have so many questions, can we schedule a consultation?

Absolutely! This is a great opportunity to meet and talk through any questions and ideas you have. You can browse through more samples of my work and you will also have a chance to view our retouched before and afters.


What would you tell the women who say, "Oh, I could never do that!"

Ha ha, well first of all, EVERY SINGLE CLIENT has said that! :) Which I think is so cute because they all say, "I could never look like that one girl on your website," but little do they know the girl they are talking about said the exact same thing a few months before! So I would tell her "obviously your honey thinks you are a sexy little number, or he wouldn't be with you, right? You don't have to be a VS model, my gorgeous clients are all "everyday" women, so you can do it!!" 


Click here to view Policies and Procedures.


Still have questions?

contact me by clicking here


Ultimately, this should be a very fun and exciting experience. It’s totally normal to feel nervous but you won't be for long. Me and my all girl team will pamper you and make sure you are completely comfortable! It's the most fun you'll ever have...until the night he gets them! ~Tiffany




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