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You were right. He absolutely loved it! He was so taken back by the book. He looked at it nonstop on Valentine's and said "this is real Valentine's gift!" Thanks again for the amazing experience and for producing such a beautiful book. Amy

Just wanted to thank you one more time for my photo shoot, I had so much fun. It came out a lot better then what I had planned, you have talent girl!!!! Thanks for making me feel so comfortable and giving me the confidence to just let it flow... I'm usually super shy but you helped me leave that away. I was getting nervous at the very beginning I think you noticed the look on my face lol!!!! I was thinking yesterday "I can't believed I did it" and that it came out really good, just the way I wanted it "very sexy" Miss C

Just wanted to say thanks again . I felt completely comfortable and it was lots of fun!Miss A

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I appreciate the great work that you did with Aysa on my “Christmas Present”. I have always thought that Aysa was beautiful and exceptional in many ways, but you were able to capture certain elements of passion, mystery, and intensity that have allowed me to explore her complexity in a whole new way. Your photos have really refreshed and enhanced our relationship. I hope that you realize how impactful your work can be for couples and continue to share your gift with the world. So, a heartfelt “Thank You!” and please let me know if you ever need any recommendations or run into any doubting/reluctant husbands.Kyle (client's husband)

I had a great time working with Tiffany! The hair and make-up made me feel amazing and Tiffany's positive comments came off as truly genuine. I felt like she was just as excited about the shoot as I was. During the shoot, Tiffany made me feel very comfortable and would even take the time to show me some of the pictures she had taken. That was very encouraging to actually see the photos. Getting to see that we were actually getting some really good photos allowed me to relax and have fun, and trust the direction she was giving to me. Tiffany had a great sense of what angles and positions would be most flattering for me and did a great job of directing me into them and yet I still felt I had the freedom to suggest my own ideas as well. I would definitely suggest Tiffany to anyone I know and I will definitively be shooting with her again!!Casey

I had a great time working with Tiffany. She was not only prepared with a creative location for the shoot, she had a vision of what "look" and "pose" the model should portray in various settings within that location. (Which would be extremely helpful to inexperienced models!!) Tiffany is very professional to work with, but makes the whole process comfortable and fun. She is great at capturing exquisite shots when you are least expecting it- which delivers true expressions, feeling and emotion. I would DEFINITELY work with Tiffany again, and recommend her to anyone.Shandy

Tiffany was obviously born to do this. I have never done this before and wasn't nervous until I put on my first outfit. Well thankfully Tiffany had a subtle way of making me feel so comfortable because before I knew it, the photo shoot was over and I felt more sexy than I ever have! I can't wait until I'm a bridesmaid again so I can suggest a Boudoir Party to the BrideDayna

My first experience with this photographer was a family photo shoot. I arranged for my family to drive from Dallas, we planned this for weeks. Wouldn’t you know it the day of the shoot it was raining. I was in panic mode but Tiffany was great, she found another venue for us to use to take the pictures and still exceeded my expectations. Months later I attended a boudoir party and had some intimate portraits done. This is something I have always wanted to do but totally felt insecure, embarrassed, and a little skeptical. Wow is the best word I can think of to describe my experience. Not only did the photographer make me feel comfortable, she makes you feel like a top model or a movie star…..haha. Seriously, what woman doesn’t want to feel beautiful and totally glamorous. All I can say is, you have to schedule an intimate photo shoot or a boudoir party – you won’t regret it.Tonia

I was nervous before the shoot, I had never done anything like that before. But Tiffany totally put my mind at ease. I am a tomboy so I was not sure how to move my body, but Tiffany coached me through the shoot and helped me gain confidence. I am looking forward to doing another shoot. I love my pictures and would recommend Tiffany to all my friends. Sarah

I was excited but nervous before my shoot. I had no idea what was going to look good on camera but Tiffany had the poses and the angles down. She made it comfortable and I would recomend it anyone. What girl doesn't want to feel pretty and see themself in a picture looking hot! Elizabeth

Thank you Tiffany for this wonderful experience, the budoir party was so much FUN and so relaxing. I loved hanging out with friends, listening to music and sipping on bubbly. I've never experienced anything like this before and to be pampered by professional people with hair and make-up makes it all so worth while. Not only did I look and feel beautiful in my photo shoot but I felt comfortable in my own skin. What I love about you and your work is, your ambition, creativity and uniquness. You have great talent and I know it will take you very far in life. You are truly an amazing photographer and I would totally recommend you to anyone.Senaida

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